Why You Need an Emergency Dentist

A dental emergency often occurs when you least expect it. That is why it helps if you know some precautionary measures to deal with the situation more effectively. For instance, you can wear a mouthguard to protect your gums, teeth, lips, and tongue from injury. Dental injuries usually happen when you are involved in physical recreational activities and sports. Aside from this, your eating habits such as chewing ice cubes and other solid food like candies and popcorns can also lead to fractured teeth and bleeding gums. To prepare for dental emergencies, it is also advisable to have an emergency dentist who can alleviate your pain and address your needs immediately.

What is an emergency dentist?

As the name suggests, an emergency dentist is a dental professional who is readily available in case you have your teeth knocked out in an accident at two o’clock in the morning or when your dental crown needs to be replaced immediately. An emergency dentist can also take care of your persistent toothaches even if it is already late at night.

An emergency dental practitioner is well-trained to address various dental emergencies especially if the discomfort has become unbearable. A family dentist does not always offer immediate services. To prevent causing further damages and to reduce the pain, you need the services of an emergency dentist.

When do you need help from an emergency dentist?

If you have been suffering from toothaches for several days, you need to visit your Prahran dentist as soon as possible. Below are some of the most common dental problems that may require urgent medical attention.


Before you apply anything or take pain medications, you need to call a dentist to get the right information. Provide a complete explanation of your problem and then schedule a consultation as soon as possible. Avoid applying heat on your jaw or near the problem area because this may only worsen your condition.

Fractured and knocked out teeth

Dental experts highly suggest patients with fractured teeth to clean their mouth using warm water. If there are food particles caught between the teeth, make use of a dental floss to cleanse the area. You should not take aspirin when you have a fracture or knocked out teeth.

If you want to make sure, call your dentist and ask if he or she is available for emergency cases. A reliable emergency dentist should be near you.

For all your dental emergencies, call Prahran Dentist and get immediate dental solutions to your problems. The dentists here have been practising dental procedures for many years and understand how to handle any dental emergencies. The services are professional, and they make use of modern technology to ensure that all their procedures are as efficient and painless as possible. In addition to all this, their services are very pocket-friendly and discounted. Visit them today and have your dental issues taken care of.